About Us

GSGT German Sustainable Green Technology GmbH is a privately owned company established in Berlin the capital city of Germany and actually constituted and authorized to do business under the European Union law.

The main operation fields of GSGT GmbH cover all important supplies to the petrochemical, gas and oil sector with delivery of high-performance raw materials, parts and components, such as Electricals & Electronics, instrumentation, Pumps, compressors and valves, drilling materials, pipes, fittings and flanges, heat exchangers, generators, gas / steam turbines and other related spare parts.

We take great pride in supplying materials at all times, promptly and efficiently. We can help our clients, who are involved in Oil, Gas, Refining, Chemical and Petrochemical industries, to source their requested items at the best prices and with the shortest delivery times. We are committed to sourcing and delivering items at the most competitive prices and the shortest possible time to ensure your repeated business.

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Oil and Petroleum refinery, Chemical and petrochemical products

Our goals and strategy

Our goals and strategy

GSGT GmbH provides a wide range of equipment and materials that ensure reliability from receipt of your enquiry through shipment of your orders. We meet your needs competitively through our international network of manufacturers and our supplier alliances. We provide the equipment and materials, place the orders and accelerate to ensure that deliveries are made on schedule.

GSGT GmbH’s mission is to anticipate customer requirements, develop effective ways of delivering cost-effective and high quality products which become the channel of choice by adding value and efficiency. GSGT GmbH is a fast growing and well-resourced company, focusing on the excellence and customer satisfaction.

GSGT GmbH’s goal is to promote and strengthen its partnership with major suppliers and customers. Sourcing and Marketing are our key competencies to deliver what we promise to our customers in reliable commodity supplies at competitive prices. Our core values are based on building long lasting relationship with both our suppliers and customers. We improve our trading activities with strategic positioning into marketplaces where we operate as your partner.

Our management team is highly experienced and characterized by a clear commitment to profitable, sustainable growth along with identifying talent to drive the company towards its objectives in the short and long term.


Dr.-Ing Reza Sheikhbakloo  

Managing director & Founder

Start-up Innovative sustainable projects

GSGT GmbH is looking for ways to remove the significant impacts on the environment and go green with some innovative sustainability projects by using of renewable energies.

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Our Customers

We leverage our vendor relationships, resources and expertise to partner with our customers and meet the largest, most complex, and demanding procurement challenges in the world. We primarily focus on serving customers in the following sectors:

  • Upstream equipment for oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical applications.
  • Midstream gathering, processing, fractionation, and transportation; and storage of oil and natural gas.
  • Downstream equipment for oil, gas, refining, chemical and petrochemical applications.
  • Power generation for fossil fuel renewable applications.
  • Fertilizer sector and agriculture
  • Food industry applications